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Attorney & Mediator

Estate Planning, Legal Affairs & Cherry Festival

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Many long term Traverse City residents lay low during Cherry Festival. They hole up in their homes, trying not to come to town or conduct any business.

While that may be wise if it would involve a trip downtown because the traffic would be difficult and parking non-existent, that is not true for other locations in the city.

This could be the right time for you to decide to get started on some of those business, legal and financial matters that are on the back burner. You may find it easier to get an appointment and the parking spaces at those businesses will be plentiful.

If you have thought about getting started on your estate plan, why not call for an appointment this coming week? While you might not want to go to the grocery store or the beach downtown, you will find that many of your professionals are available to help you get started on your business, legal and financial matters.

Give me a call. I will be in all next week.