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Estate Planning – Funeral Planning


When clients engage in Estate Planning we plan for a number of matters.  Wills or Trusts provide for property disposition after death.  Durable Power of Attorneys provide protection for our financial and legal affairs during our lifetimes if we are disabled.  Patient Advocate Designations or Medical Power of Attorneys provide for a continuum of medical care if we are disabled and unable to communicate our medical treatment preferences.

Now we have a new planning tool.  The Designation of Funeral Representative is permitted in Michigan.

This permits an individual to name other individuals who they know and trust to have the authority to dictate their funeral at death.  Under the prior law, the next of kin was legally authorized to make the arrangements even if those arrangements were not in keeping with the wishes of the deceased.

Now you can name anyone other than the funeral director, to plan your funeral in accordance with your own wishes.  This assures that it will be done your way.  Whether you want cremation, embalming, traditional interment, or a green funeral, your preferences will be followed in spite of family members who object.

It is important to make this designation to assure that your final wishes are honored.