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Gratitude on Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a special holiday in my heart – no lights, no costumes, no firecrackers, no gifts. It is simply a day that we pause to be with family and friends to share their company and to give thanks for all we have.

While we each face our share of sorrows and distress as we travel through life – we each have blessings as well. It is important to be grateful for what we have today – not what we wish for tomorrow. We must take the time to treasure our friends, cherish our family, and to express gratitude for our lives.

Those of us who live in Northern Michigan are so very fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places in this country. I have lived here now for sixteen years. I am thankful every day for the gift of this wonderful town on the bay and the friends that I have made who make my life richer.

Today, take the time to stop for a moment – consider your blessings and give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Are Your Single Kids Coming Home For Thanksgiving?

Here is an important “to do”.

If you have single kids who are over 18, they might not be living at home.  They might be coming home for Thanksgiving though.

Here is an important “to do” to protect them.   Have them sign a Patient Advocate Designation.

You can have your attorney prepare one – or – if you prefer, go to your local hospital (Munson Medical Center if you live in the Traverse area) and obtain a “Five Wishes” document for each of them.  When they are home, have them sign the document naming you, their parents, as their medical advocate.

Why is this so vitally important?  If they became seriously ill or were in an accident, you would receive a call from either the hospital or first responder.  You would be informed that they were being taken to the hospital.  When you asked about their condition, you would be given no information.  It is no longer lawful for a medical provider to give medical information to an adult’s next of kin, even if it is the parent of an 18 year old because of the HIPPA laws.

To avoid an expensive and protracted Guardianship hearing, the adult needs to have a written designation of a medical advocate.  The Five Wishes accomplishes this purpose.

It will cost you nothing to obtain this document other than your time.  Hopefully, you will never be required to use the document – but if you do, it will be a confusing, stressful time.  Armed with this document, you can assist your child in the way that you always have, with their best interest at heart.