Attorney & Mediator
Attorney & Mediator

Circuit Court Mediation

As a trained mediator, I assist parties that have unresolved civil matters pending in the Circuit Courts in Northern Michigan.

Cases that remain unresolved are ordered to mediation prior to a trial being scheduled.  This is done to give the parties the opportunity to come together on a resolution of all or some of the issues.

This includes a host of legal matters including contracts, real estate matters, and negligence matters in the Circuit court.

This process may range from only a few hours to several days of mediation depending upon the complexity of the matters involved, the number of issues requiring resolution and the willingness of the parties to continue upon the process.

A mediated resolution of the issues in a case can save the parties thousands of dollars on costs and attorney fees that would be incurred if the parties went to trial.  Additionally, it gives the parties certainty – a voice – in the resolution of the dispute.