Attorney & Mediator
Attorney & Mediator


I am a solo practice, “boutique” law firm, providing estate planning, probate and mediation services to meet the needs of my clients.  I assist my clients in the planning and preparation of comprehensive estate plans and legacy plans that meet their unique needs.  I work with families when the need arises to litigate matters in the Probate Courts of Northern Michigan.  I am also able to assist individuals in conflict to resolve their issues short of litigation by mediation.

I have highly specialized expertise and advanced training in the Estate Planning and Probate fields of law. I spend time learning about each clients special needs, listening to his or her concerns.  I strive to give each client special, individualized attention.  It is important to me that our communication be a discussion – in plain English – so that each client understands the options available and the manner in which each tool or process works.

I have advanced training in Mediation – serving as a mediator for Circuit Court, Domestic Relations and Probate Court matters.

Estate & Legacy Planning

∙ Wills

∙ Revocable Trusts

∙ Charitable Trusts

∙ Special Needs Trusts

∙ Durable Power of Attorneys

∙ Patient Advocate Designations

∙ Prenuptial Agreements

∙ Cottage Trusts

∙ Planning for the Family Farm

∙ Planning for the Family Business

∙ Trust Funding

∙ Ladybird Deeds

∙ Real Estate Matters

Probate Matters

∙ Decedent Estates

∙ Trust and Will Contests

∙ Guardianships

∙ Conservatorships


∙ Probate Mediation

∙ Circuit Court Mediation

∙ Domestic Relations Mediation