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You have money hidden everywhere – where is everywhere?

The tales are endless.  Survivors from the Great Depression don’t trust banks – so they hide their money everywhere.  The problem is – we don’t know where everywhere is.  If this is your estate plan – please leave a map which shows where your “everywhere” is.

• The tale is told that in Northern Michigan that a woman got ill and was hospitalized.  While she was in the hospital, her children thought that it would be a nice idea to remodel her bedroom.  They purchased new furnishings, carpeting, linens and curtains.  When she returned, the woman loved her new room – she was grateful.  Where, however, she asked, is my mattress?  It had been thrown out.  She was hysterical when she received that news because she had hidden over $100,000 of cash inside of the mattress.

• A young couple purchased an old, distressed home for a song.  It was in unbelievable disrepair after a number of owners had failed to maintain it.  So they began the remodeling process.  Imagine their surprise when they pulled up the old, threadbare carpeting and found thousands of dollars under the carpet padding.

• A son was cutting the grass around his deceased father’s home to get it ready for sale.  As he was week wacking he noticed a half buried pipe with a capped end.  He thought nothing of it and continued to trim the grass, until he came to the other end of the same pipe, also with a cap.  A pipe that went no where.  He opened up the pipe to find cash and stock certificates.

Yes, people hide their money in the strangest places: band-aid boxes, frozen food boxes in the freezer, between the pages of books, behind pictures in frames.

So a note to those left behind – be careful when throwing out old junk – it may contain a fortune.

And also a note to those who hide money everywhere – please leave a note behind to tell us where everywhere is.