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Pre-nuptial Agreements – Does this mean you don’t trust me?

One of the major objections that is cited by individuals who are getting married to looking at a pre-nuptial agreement is that it shows a lack of trust.

The opposite is actually true.  A prenuptial agreement can only be created in a trusting relationship when both individuals  feel confident enough to offer “full disclosure” regarding their assets and debts. These “intimate” revelations often open the door to resolving other important issues.

More marriages break up over money issues than any other reason.  If you are unable to frankly and honestly discuss the hard issues – especially concerning money and debts – the marriage is beginning on an uncertain footing.

When both parties are able to lay all of their cards on the table – they are placing trust in one another.  They are starting the marriage off on a solid playing field.   It eliminates any doubts or nagging questions concerning financial affairs.