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Other Considerations – Funeral Arrangements

Once you have taken the steps to have your estate planning documents done, there are a few other “loose ends” that need to be addressed.

One of these is Funeral Arrangements.  For many people, this is a difficult topic to discuss.  It is, however, an important issue to address and an important discussion to have with your family.

The time surrounding the death of a loved one is a difficult and confusing time.  It is stressful and sorrowful.  Your loved ones will have to make difficult and costly decisions at a time when they are dealing with this stress and sorrow.

It is possible that your loved ones will spend more than you would have thought prudent on funeral arrangements because of guilt or not wanting to seem “cheap”.

The cost of the funeral will be due before the family has had an opportunity to access your assets so the cost may be out of pocket for them.

You may have specific preferences concerning your funeral and burial or cremation that will not be honored because you did not communicate these wishes to the family.

An alternative is to pre-plan and pre-pay for your funeral arrangements.  This will provide you and your family peace of mind.  The funeral arrangements will be the type and style that you prefer.  It will not be a financial or emotional burden for your family members.

Take the time to investigate pre-planning and pre-paying for your funeral with your local funeral home.  Then tell your family what you have planned and what you have paid for.