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The kids are home for the holidays!



I know that we all want to keep the holidays fun filled and upbeat.  If your adult children are coming home for the holidays, this might be a good chance to take some time to talk about estate planning issues.

It doesn’t have to be a morbid conversation – it can be upbeat and done over a holiday beverage.  It is important that your children know your wishes.  It is also important that your children attend to this business as well.

If your adult children have kids – do they have Wills?  Have they named a Guardian and Conservator for your beloved grandchildren?  This is the most important decision that they will have to make.

Do your children have Patient Directives?  If they are married, they can speak for one another; however, if they are single, there is no one who can legally step in to assist them if they are ill or injured.  They may think that you can, but you can’t.

These all are “family business” issues and a family gathering is the time to discuss these matters – maybe not on Christmas Eve – but while the troops are assembled.