Attorney & Mediator
Attorney & Mediator


The law office of Linda E. Wasielewski, P.L.C. is a solo legal practice firm located in Traverse City, Michigan focusing upon Estate Planning and Probate Law.

What sets my firm apart from other Northern Michigan firms is my personal approach with my clients – I understand that legal matters are not a common occurrence – this may be the first time that a client has come to a lawyers office.  I take time to listen to my client’s concerns and understand their goals.  I speak plain English – I do not use legalese.  I assure that my clients understand the legal issues and their options.

Big is not always best. Smaller, focused and personalized is usually better. As a “boutique” law practice, I offer my clients individualized attention. This means I am more responsive to your individual circumstances, goals and questions. I spend  considerable time with my clients – the kind of time and attention you would want any professional advisor to spend with you. You are not a number. You won’t be rushed in and out. You will receive attention and care.  Each client’s needs and goals are different.  Each require legal services that meet their special needs. I use a customized approach – no one size fits all.

I give a complimentary consultation because I understand that legal matters are personal – people want to know whether this attorney is the person that they feel comfortable with – enough to disclose personal information and details. I believe that successful estate planning results from a close and trusting working relationship between you and your attorney.

I provide this with a high level of expertise in the fields of law that I focus upon.  I pride myself on striving to stay up to date on all recent developments – through continuing legal education.

Finally, and very importantly, I provide these services at affordable – reasonably priced rates.