Legacy Planning

What is Legacy Planning and what sets it apart from Estate Planning?

Legacy Planning is a more holistic and comprehensive approach to estate planning.

While your financial affairs and legal choices can be addressed in the traditional estate planning documents – I know you are so much more.  Your home, your property, and your wealth are only a part of who you are.

What is it that sets you apart?  What are your values?  What is it that you would like to be remembered for?

These are also matters which can be left to future generations.  Many important details of who we are and what was important to us are left unsaid and are lost as individuals pass away.  I encourage my clients to address these dreams, goals and values with as much care as they would their monetary assets.  These need to be handed down as a gift to future generations as well.

I encourage my clients to write a Letter to each of their loved ones that can be opened upon their death.  In this way, things do not end up unsaid – whether it is a declaration of love and affection – or it is an apology for something that went wrong.  This can be a powerful gift to a loved one – even more important than the tangible assets that you leave.

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Linda E Wasielewski
attorney & mediator
3199 Logan Valley Road
Traverse City, MI 49684
Phone: (231) 933-0829
Email: linda@lindalawtc.com


Linda is a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to Estate Planning and Probate matters. She is quick, efficient and thorough. Linda is an especially skilled professional because she can talk about legal matters without making her [...]
Linda puts her clients' best interests first and foremost. Her knowledge of estate planning law is extensive and Linda promotes basic planning tips. I would recommend Linda for any of your legal needs.
Linda is a pleasure to work with, she is knowledgeable and helpful.
Linda is knowledgable, organized and professional. She can be counted on to be dependable and get the work done. She has the right mix of professionalism mixed with a good sense of humore and balance.
Linda is an intelligent, knowledgeable and compassionate woman. She is an excellent attorney who works diligently for her clients. In the courtroom the judges and other attorneys respect her. Linda is active in the community and enjoys working [...]
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Linda Wasielewski. I have known her for three years. Linda has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. She is definitely a leader rather than a follower. She is [...]
Linda is a part of our UBS Financial Services Attorney Network. I recommended her to one of my UBS clients who lives in Michigan. She did a great job for my clients and we are all very pleased.
Linda has provided me with expert legal assistance from estate planning to personal counseling. I highly recommend her!
Linda provided wills for my husband and me. They include Health information,living will and power of attorney and executor for each of us. She did a great job and we are happy to reccomend her. She has much knowledge in this (Estate)and other [...]
Linda is a very professional and thoughtful attorney in Traverse City, Michigan. She is well respected in our community and I would refer any of my customers to her for their legal needs.
Linda is a true professional and gives very forward thinking and consultative advice. She was instrumental in assisting us in setting up a limited liability corporation. She is an expert in many areas of the law, from business incorporations to [...]
I have used Linda as an attorney personally and professionally. I have been able to trust Linda with the many families that I have had the opportunity to work with over the past 5 years. I trust that she will be sensative, helpful and generous [...]
Linda was quick to respond to our questions, and followed through on a timely basis. We would highly recommend Linda's services.
Linda's standards and ethics are the driving force behind her work! She is easy to work with and very accountable with regard to personal and secure matters. Her abilities are far reaching and because of that I will always choose not only work [...]